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Finally flying home

Thoughts from 4 days ago..... So a 13 hour flight just after an 8 hour flight is a long time to sit and watch films.  Some people, I know, would think it was bliss.  Almost uninterrupted, guilt free, viewing of... Continue Reading →

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Crazy box of frogs

So it’s the longest I’ve ever gone without posting a blog and for the last couple of weeks I’ve been hoping for inspiration.  I thought if I start writing an idea might come to me.  I often find that I... Continue Reading →

‘Get Ready For It’

As I was out for an early morning run yesterday it was a typical winter's day in England, frosty and sunny, and I thought about a lot of things, my whole blog was forming in my mind whilst I looked... Continue Reading →

Relax, refresh, recharge.

The sun shone down and warmed my skin, the breeze rustled through my hair and the boat's chugging soothed away any stresses that might still have been lurking in my mind.

Missing Planet Mongolia

    We've been back for exactly 2 months and I've been back in a UK classroom for 3 weeks.  But sadly, at times, it feels like the last 2 years, as amazing as it was, never happened.  Since being... Continue Reading →

Missing you already

I figured the most apt topic of discussion today would be to reflect upon what I might or might not miss once I leave Mongolia.

Final Thoughts

As I sit at my desk during my final free periods in Mongolia, it starts to dawn on me.  This is it!  My last day has arrived.  People have been counting down here since January.  The stubborn part of me... Continue Reading →


My first training session was not exactly successful, a 20 minute run on the running machine which involved a minute of walking in the middle because I couldn't cope and ended in me feeling extremely sick and dizzy, with a headache.

Our Little Roadtrip

A couple of weeks ago we had a week off - the equivalent of the Easter break - and due to our pending Norton adventure in June, and the cost and awkwardness of non-direct flights we decided we would stay... Continue Reading →

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