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August 2015

WOW what a busy week!

No big stories or anecdotes this time, just our very busy week in pictures. MONDAY Simple pleasures - these arrived on Monday ūüôā Trying hats ready for winter A memorial for Mongolian and Russian soldiers overlooking the city. Camel waistcoat... Continue Reading →


Five first thoughts on living in Ulaanbaatar

We'll be able to get anything we want.¬† The supermarkets are similar to here, you just have to try and second guess what is in some of the packets.¬† At the moment that adds to the fun. ¬† ¬† ¬†... Continue Reading →

Moving to Mongolia via Moscow

Heathrow was a manic as usual.¬† We were the annoying family who held up the queue whilst repacking¬†our suitcases at check in.¬† Apparently 26kg was too much - that'll be my suitcase then!¬† After a bit of re-packing (again) it... Continue Reading →

Sort, pack, say goodbye, repeat

So I thought that deciding to move abroad was hard ... that was before I spent 2 weeks packing, sorting, filing, packing, sorting and then sorting some more.¬† (After I'd already spent 4 months sorting!) The chaos of packing meant... Continue Reading →

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