So we’ve been here a month now and I can safely say the highs far outweigh the lows.  It actually feels like we’ve been here far longer and now work has kicked in it doesn’t feel so much like a holiday!  The new motto though is ‘work hard, play hard.’

So last weekend, Pete, Seb and Erin took part in Mongolia’s first colour run.

image image


After the colour run.

image image

Our new cars in the national park!

Typical Mongolian style, it kicked off about half an hour after the advertised time.  Noah says that next year he wants to do it – we’ll see.  Sunday saw us taking another trip into the city to get a few swimming essentials, and then in need of a coffee and cake we found the perfect coffee shop in the State Department Store that kept everyone happy.

This weekend is the first when we have no invitations or places to be so today we ventured to a couple of markets. imageimage

We are starting to know where to go to get certain essentials and I am starting to get my bearings when we travel into the city even if the rest of the family aren’t.  The traffic and driving are something else at times, one particular junction is like something out of a cartoon with cars bumper to bumper in every direction each completely ignoring the sequence of traffic lights and just gradually making their way from one side to the other weaving in and out with inches to spare. (Sadly I don’t have a photo.)

As for work the more I teach my class the more I realise I am going to have to teach them.  The children who don’t speak English are picking up the essentials fast, they can all say – ‘can I toilet?’  Next week the plan is to work on please and thank you!  Children are children wherever you are and I have a real mix in the class. Every teaching day it is a challenge to work out what level to pitch my lessons and at the end sometimes I am not sure whether they have grasped things but what I have learnt is that they are very good at memorising the look and shape of words and they do like to copy.  I probably would too if I was learning a second language.  Some of the challenges and pressures at work here are very different to those at home but the job is still busy and all consuming.  I still love a list and they do make me focus but I still never seem to reach the end of them before a new one is started.

Despite the new motto today has been a day for relaxation. A morning swim, followed by coffee and Oreos, bacon and egg rolls for lunch followed by a DVD on the sofa for the children whilst Mummy and Daddy try to tick off some jobs on that list!


Playing snooker outside the market. image

The trans Siberian railway