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October 2015

A little bit of culture and whole lot of food.

Last weekend was another first .... I went and saw a ballet with a few colleagues.  A meal at the Buddhist restaurant followed by the Mongolian National Ballet performing Swan Lake.  A beautiful ballet in a beautiful theatre. This Friday... Continue Reading →


A little bit of quiet

So this post took longer to publish than planned but here goes.  2 weeks ago - the weekend during which I wrote the last post - we ventured to the bowling alley and a ger camp, hence the grumpy last... Continue Reading →

The Steppe Inn

Two weeks since the last post and what an action packed 2 weeks. Last weekend we had an invitation to the embassy bar. Sounded like a nice idea, drinks, canapés, posh bar, opportunity to network........... Lovely. Reality check.  I've never... Continue Reading →

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