So another weekend away back to a Ger camp that we visited the same time last year. 20 of us piled into the bus on Saturday morning like excited school children on a trip. We were a family of 4 for the weekend as Noah was on a weekend away for a friend’s birthday. The most exciting part of the journey was the compulsory trip to the supermarket where everyone generally buys their usual monthly amount of crisps, biscuits, chocolate and alcohol for one night away, and a bottle of water for good measure. We then endured a 3 hour journey along roads that are a bit worse for wear. Sometimes the driver judged the bumps well – maybe by watching the cars in front and how much air they got – and he slowed down to a snails pace, sometimes he obviously misjudged the size of the bumps completely and everyone held onto their shopping to stop it rolling around and then there were some occasions where no judging took place and you were mistaken for thinking we were on a roller coaster ride!  All makes for an interesting journey similar to most here where however long and uncomfortable it is you are just glad to reach the end destination unscathed. This time we’d opted for a room in the hotel (due to a change of heart and a look at the forecast 24 hours before departure). I didn’t want to experience the highs and the lows of the ger temperature again and this time it was a good decision as not only did temperatures almost reach zero but it rained all night, something I didn’t notice from the comfort from our room.

The pollution is minimal at the moment and the cold hasn’t hit yet but despite this it seemed that this visit to the countryside was well timed. Start of term has felt calmer and we’ve felt more in control of things than last year but however you look at it working full time (after 10 weeks of holiday) with children in tow is hard work but teaching and being a senior manager full time with children in tow in a foreign country is exhausting. So despite the 3 hour journey each way it’s worth it just to escape, to relax and to catch up with people with more than a fleeting conversation in the corridor. We went for a walk when we arrived to make the most of being in the open air. There seems to have been alot of rain since we’ve been back so everywhere was lush and green (although it’s different to the lush and green of England).  The trees had changed in the space of a couple of days from green to bright yellow, it was as beautiful as I remember from last year. We returned from our walk and sat and chatted, drank, ate and played card games, then rounded the evening off in the style we’ve become accustomed to – with a bit of karaoke.  The return journey was a repeat of the outward journey minus the excitement of the supermarket trip although once everyone had had the obligatory nap there was still plenty of food left over to sustain and entertain us.
Oh yes and let’s not forget that this weekend I also had my fill of quiet, pure unadulterated quiet and pure, fresh air.  Bliss.
A 4 legged rubbish collecting friend of the Ger camp.