A few observations of our journey home from the countryside last weekend…..

Mountains covered in fresh, pure white, untouched snow.
People wrapped up against the icy cold selling bags of nuts at the roadside for a few pence in order to make some money for their next meal.
The railway snaking through the valley, part of one of the longest train journeys in the world.
Cows wandering the fields and roads searching for the last of the grass.
Skeletons of houses half built in boom times or abandoned til next spring when the building work begins again.
Roads covered with thick ice that would deem them unusable in the UK but here life has to go on.
Multicoloured metal fences that dictate the boundaries between one persons land and another.
A mix of Mongolian, British, American and some suspiciously Greek sounding music creating a soundtrack to our taxi journey.
Clusters of bare brown trees scattered across the mountains.
Shipping containers randomly placed, sometimes as storage, sometimes shops, or even homes.
Police men trying to keep warm and deciding which cars to stop at various checkpoints.
A river with a thick layer of snow and ice almost frozen but still with pools of free flowing water.
Dogs, strays or owned, who knows, scrabbling around for food by the side of the road.
Brand new exclusive detached house developments for the wealthier residents of UB.
Animal hides stacked up in vast heaps for sale on the roadside.
The city covered in a blanket of brown smog nestled amongst the surrounding mountains.
The vast bright blue sky as far as the eye can see making it seem warmer than the deceptively cold daytime temperature of -20.

…… a small snapshot of the sights on a 1 hour journey back to the city.

Now a few shots of the weekend we enjoyed in the countryside.


A few shots courtesy of George!